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Best Magaizne

2014 Global Insurance Innovation Award

“1ClickCoverage seems to have captured the real meaning of innovation. Even more impressive, this single system offers value across the full spectrum of insurance distribution. Those segments with potential for significant sales but with less experience, banks and credit unions, can easily become comfortable in the market. At the same time, the system allows insurance professionals to be far more efficient and offer increased value to their customers. In short, 1ClickCoverage.com is really 1ClickInnovation.com.”

Complete Marketing Program

Our team will work with you to put together an integrated multi-media program. We can provide banner ads, email campaigns, social media programs and online lead management. In addition we have a turnkey direct mailing program that can be tied into online or call center response, as well as traditional mail-in response. 

All Channels

We support all distribution channels: web based, call centers, agents and branch based reps. We provide customized web solutions for each channel. All channels can see the same products and quotes, but with custom interfaces and workflow. Sales management can effectively manage across multiple channels within one CRM.

Real Time

The 1Click product range is designed for consumers who want instant gratification. Many of the 1Click products are underwritten in real time, usually in under one minute, with confirmation emailed to the client immediately. In the age of online shopping your clients do not want to wait an industry average of 40+ days.

Complete Range of Products

1Click can offer a complete range of products encompassing Life, Health, and Accident. Many of our products were developed by 1Click and are exclusive to the platform.

Call Center and CRM Available

1Click offers as much or as little support as you require. All activity is tracked within our insurance focused CRM. You can access our systems real time to track progress. If you need it we have a call center of licensed agents that can handle your clients calls, both inbound and outbound. We also have a full range of APIs, allowing you to integrate your systems directly into our CRM, Quoter and Application process.

All Platforms

The 1Click platform works across the range of consumer devices. Your clients can buy insurance online using PCs, tablets, smartphones, phablets or laptops. All installations are built in responsive web and tested for all major platforms.